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Slate Roofs

Roofing Slates are a type of roof shingle, or more specifically a type of roof tile. Slate has a beautiful and natural appearance and a good slate should be relatively flat and easy to overlay – minimising gaps.

As slate has an extremely low water absorption index (less than 0.4%), this makes it more resistant to frost damage and of course a very good and robust roofing material.

Typically slate roof tiles are usually fixed either with nails (UK method), or with hooks (Spanish method).

A Red Stag new slate roof comes with a 25 year guarantee (again backed by our suppliers), but we strongly believe you would have a long lasting weathertight roof with a lifespan of around 80–100 years.
See below for some different types of slate and alternatives to natural slate.

  • Welsh Slate
  • Chinese Slate
  • Thrutone
  • PVCu


If you have an existing stale roof and it is in need of a general overhaul – the roof can be stripped, keeping the best slate to be reused.

If you are in a conservation area you must speak to your local council about the materials that can and cannot be used. For example: the existing slate may have to be reused on the front of the property and you may be able to source reclaim or use new slate for the back (out of general sight).


Of course it goes without saying that new breathable membrane and tantalised timber batons are to be used when installing a new roof.

Different boroughs have different rules but when having over 25% of your roof repaired or replaced – however you must adhere to the legislations set out to meet the minimum energy efficiency guidelines with regards to loft insulation.

More details to follow.

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