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Conservation & Listed Buildings

Conservation Roof work including listed buildings is specialistic work. Work that should not be taken out by the faint hearted or those who do not know what they are doing. We, at Red Stag Roofing have undergone many projects with strict regulations and we as does everyone else want to keep these fabulous building looking historic.

Materials must always be used in conjunction with the specific needs but the tricky situation often comes when you need to source the materials to match and use in conjunction with the existing materials. We have an obundence of conservation materials, examples and indeed of reputable suppliers.

  • Large or small
  • New build or refurbishment


I drafted Red Stag Roofing in to complete a Conservation Area re-roof job in Bramhall – 45,000 rosemary tiles stripped, roof repaired and tiles relayed. I could not have asked for a better job
John – Job Builders


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